Pierre Cassou-Noguès

The Agents (1)

How are screens transforming the problem of inhabitation as it was posed in the twentieth century, in the opposition between Heidegger and Le Corbusier over "machines for inhabiting"? How has digital technology changed the way we live in our homes? We look at contemporary forms of inhabitation as they are mediated by the digital. Digital dwelling encompasses a wide range of practices and situations: the search for accommodation on real estate websites; the organisation of time and space at home around the screen; the urban transformations brought about by accommodation platforms, etc. Whether real or virtual, dwelling is experienced, fantasised and analysed in the first person. Our research includes first-person accounts, fictions, speculations and theoretical analyses. It takes the form of creations in different media: a book, a website, a video and a series of performances based on the texts of the book 'Habiter', which aims to show the transformative power of digital technology through the use of filters.

The Agents #1 is a video installation that questions the contemporary machines for inhabiting. In the near future, real estate advertisements are generated by an AI. Filters are also applied to the faces of estate agents, who will take on the stereotypical appearance of animated characters. The cocoon is so soft and colourful that it becomes a nightmare.


Réalisation : Pierre Cassou-Noguès et Gwenola Wagon
Avec Pierre Cassou-Noguès, Marie-Bénédicte Cazeneuve et Gwenola Wagon,
Avec des logiciels d'Intelligence artificielle
Production de la performance : Micro-résidence Alphabetville
En partenariat avec : Montevideo-La Cômerie, Iméra
Merci à Colette Tron, Christophe Bruno, Jeff Guess et au Xanadu Institute

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