La bienveillance des machines



La bienveillance des machines, Paris, Seuil, 2022


Apps that read our mood, humanoid robots that adapt to our behavior, cameras that guess our gestures, these technologies are monitoring us for our own good: that is bene-veillance
Should we believe, against the widespread idea of a hostile artificial intelligence, which could one day take over, in the beneveillance of machines, all organized around us for our greatest happiness? Or does the existence of a “reign of machines”, which could take care of humans, affect us to the point that our human identity is upset ? Pierre Cassou-Noguès explores our relationship with contemporary technology through the fictions we imagine in order to inhabit these new forms of life. For if technology transforms our material environment, it also changes the content of our thoughts, our emotions, and even the most intimate dimensions of our subjectivity. Thus philosophy can analyze both these new realities and the possibilities they promise, for better or for worse.