Le Bord de l’expérience

Le Bord de l’expérience, PUF, 2010



The aim is, in a speculative perspective, to describe our experience. To describe, for example, an afternoon in a garden: to distinguish different factors – beings, events, a singular light -, to analyse the subject’s body as it is felt, to examine the subject’s position, to reconstruct the way in which space and time unfold, to account for the possibility of this description by questioning the relationship between language and the sensible. This description cannot be reduced to a phenomenology of perception, for it entirely dispenses with the hypothesis of a conscious subject to whom the world would be given through his or her “experiences”. At the same time, it seeks to situate subjectivity by showing what its exact position is in the field of experience. The basic problem is “cosmological” in the sense of Whitehead. To carry out such a project, this essay uses a conceptual scheme borrowed from Whitehead’s cosmology and Merleau-Ponty’s ontology.