Le Concept, le sujet et la science


P. Cassou-Noguès, P. Gillot (éds.), Le Concept, le sujet et la science, Vrin, 2010.

The division between philosophy of the concept and philosophy of consciousness, or of the subject, shaped philosophy in post-war France. It was gradually elaborated in a series of texts by Cavaillès, Canguilhem and Foucault, to finally designate two perennial trends in French philosophy. The book intends to question the elaboration, the scope and the meaning of this opposition. How was it constructed and what exactly does it mean for Cavaillès, Canguilhem and Foucault? Can it be granted a historical reality, that is to say can we really distinguish in French philosophy two lines, one attached to the concept, the other to consciousness? Finally, does this division retain a meaning today, and what does it mean to claim to be on the side of the concept (as A. Badiou) or on the side of the subject (as J.-M. Salanskis) ? This volume brings together thirteen contributions from French and foreign specialists, which give a panorama of the history of philosophy in France in the 20th century.