Un laboratoire philosophique


Un laboratoire philosophique, Paris, Vrin, 2017

“History – notes Léon Brunschvicg – is the philosopher’s laboratory. This idea seems define the perspective of the historical epistemology that develops in the 1930s with Cavaillès, Bachelard and Lautman. It is indeed a reform of the classical notions of philosophy, consciousness, reason, imagination, the relationship between thought and sensibility, subjectivity and objectivity, implemented and experimented with in the history of science. Although philosophy in post-war France is largely detached from the history of science, it will remain profoundly influenced by the philosophical reform begun in the 1930s. This is at least what we want to show: we present the major articulations of this historical epistemology, taking Cavaillès as its central figure, and analyze the conceptual operations that it accomplished, in order to follow its repercussions in contemporary philosophy.