Une histoire de machines, de vampires et de fous



Une histoire de machines, de vampires et fous, Paris, Vrin, 2007

Two ways to introduce this essay.

A contemporary pastiche of Descartes’ Metaphysical Meditations in which the Evil Genius has become a vampire, the body is a robot and the mind is an image, a character on a picture, a painting, who goes through all sorts of adventures. It meets Russell as well as Borges.

Or an analysis of the imaginary inside the imaginary. The claim is that our contemporary imaginary, stages, among other oppositions, a particular face-to-face between the two figures of the machine and the vampire, whereas the classical imaginary, of Descartes for instance, rather opposes machines with figures of madness.

Descartes’ Meditations start as a story but the story today can be rewritten with a vampire instead of an evil genius. It is then quite different.